Jesús Pagán Durán Jesús Linares Gil

Solutions for the food industry.

HRS Spiratube, whose offices are in Murcia, Spain, is the company founded by Jesus Pagan Duran in 1994, whose scope of operation is the development and deployment of thermal processing technology. Since its origin the company has the experience of Jesus Linares Gil as Executive Director, whose main achievement has been the internationalization and the acquisition of a prestigious brand.

We have a wide knowledge base and experience in developing solutions for the industry, particularly in the area of food industry. Through innovation we have optimised processes in order to allow you to achieve a reduction in costs and increases in the productivity of your plant or installation, obtaining high quality products which retain maximum flavour. We consider our principal achievement to be in always maintaining the hygienic security of your product.

Born as a heat exchanger manufacturer of corrugated tube and scraped surface heat exchangers, in HRS Spiratube we have specialised in the food industry, not leaving aside other of our strong points: the solutions to improve the environment.

From a broader perspective, we use our resources and knowledge in heat transfer industrial applications of any kind.

Currently, HRS Spiratube has agreements for the development of their projects with Aurum Process Technology, supplier of the industrial extended surface reactor Aurum T-Sensation® and the scraped surface heat exchanger Aurum Astute®.

Fifth Range Catering Fruits Vegetables Industry

HRS Spiratube, S.L. manufactures heat exchangers, piston pumps, aseptic fillers and process equipment for the food industry.

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